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Desktop Toolbar

Desktop toolbar allows you to search right from your desktop
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Desktop toolbar from Idealabs is a multi pronged toolbar that floats over your desktop without being part of any browser and it allows you to perform search with different search engines,find stuff on eBay,amazon or even launch a system utility like calculator and with all these features it has a collapsible structure that reduces it to a small button when not required .
Desktop toolbar is in itself a mashup of several search engines and small utilities , it allows you to search via Google,yahoo,Snap,UltraSearch and various others which can be enabled from the options menu, it also has special search boxes for amazon and eBay search.
Desktop toolbar also has a Command box which shows available system utilities and applications as you type in a vista like manner, so just typing cal shows up the calculator which can then be launched just by a click .
It has a big list of boxes and tools that can be added to this toolbar using the preference menu and also a new graphic task switcher but it does not work in Windows Vista and the ability to collapse into a small button comes in handy.

Vivek Yadav
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  • Collapsible,
  • Quick and easy o access,
  • Huge list of search engines


  • Outdated XP look,
  • Launches browser window for each search
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